How to Print, Fold & Distribute

To View zines get a PDF Viewer at Adobe , Foxit, CoolPDF or some other pdf viewer then open pdf file.


Most pamphlets are designed for 8.5 x 11 inch paper. They are designed to be folded in the middle. if you have two sided printing, print on both sides. Make sure your printer’s margins are set to zero.

For Duplex printing (printing on both sides) choose “advanced” then “flip on short edge.”

If you do NOT have two sided printing, follow these steps:

1) open the pamphlet in a pdf reader

2) hit the print button

3) in the print dialogue box where it says “subset”, choose “odd pages” then print.

4) collect the pages and put them back in the printer in the same order if your printer pulls from the bottom of the paper stack.

If your printer pulls from the top of the paper stack reverse the order of the pages. (how you put them back in depends on the printer you use.

Most printers have you put the pages back in face up with the page top facing the printer’s left. Print out a test page to see if everything is rightside up. then print out the whole pamphlet)

5) in the print dialogue box where it says “subset”, choose “even pages” then print

It can be a little tricky at first, but hang in there.


For most of these zines a simple fold can be enough—especially if you’re printing a lot of the smaller ones and don’t have time. But, if you can, it’s nice to staple or otherwise bind them. It looks more professional and helps keep them from falling apart all over the place—an absolute necessity when it comes to the longer booklets.

While with trial and error you can usually get a plain office stapler to bind them along the fold, this is awkward and generally something to avoid.

The standard solution is a saddle-stitch stapler (just like a regular stapler with longer arms). Most Kinkos-type places have an extra one laying around that customers or people who look like customers can use free of charge. Likewise most high-end photocopiers and digital production printers on the market have optional attached saddle stitch units that fold and staple booklets automatically. In addition many Social Anarchist infoshops, libraries and bookstores have an extra one for general use.

However, if you’re looking to print a large number of booklets the best solution is probably just to buy your own. Most office supply stores stock them for as little as ten bucks.


Options for tabling can be virtually unlimited. Libertarian Party meetings, progressive film screenings, bookfairs, colleges, protests, Food Not Bombs, social anarchist community centers… Know your audience and pick accordingly. A little bit of planning, respect and friendliness goes a long way.

It’s always nice to have pamphlets and booklets on hand to sell, loan out, or give away, but you can reach far wider circles with a little effort. Some libraries accept zines and more professional looking self-published booklets, but even if they don’t have an official program, a well-placed drop can do wonders. Also radical cafes or other spaces may not have a library but still have a small stack of magazines and newspapers where a single copy can get a lot of circulation.

Others report particular success with zines-to-prisoners programs—what better audience than those who’ve experienced the state’s brutality first hand and have nothing better to do than read? The Anarchist Black Cross and other radical prisoner-support organizations are sometimes more than happy to take donations.

Please give us suggestions on how to improve these instructions.


5 Responses to “How to Print, Fold & Distribute”

  1. Free printing can often be found if you look for it. Some colleges and libraries allow virtually unlimited free printing (your stolen tax dollars at work!) and if you have access to a bureaucratic office in a large corporation it’s easy to print reams upon reams without anyone caring.

  2. Would it be possible to get 1-up PDFs for reading online or on an ebook reader.
    Its a real pain to read these online and I can’t work out a way to manipulate the PDFs.

  3. If you are using an industrial photocopier and you’re trying to speed things up by doing 1 to 2 sided printing (making one sided originals on a laserprinter) make sure you rotate every even page on your original 180 degrees otherwise the pamphlet will end up with every other page upside down. Trust me, it sucks.

  4. […] example is the Propaganda section of the Liberty Activism Repository. Also, invisible molotov has a library of zines listed on their right sidebar as well as instructions on how to construct a […]

  5. […] example is the Propaganda section of the Liberty Activism Repository. Also, invisible molotov has a library of zines listed on their right sidebar as well as instructions on how to construct a […]

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