Security Culture

“Security Culture: A Handbook For Activists”

Governments in the western industrialized world have targeted groups that have advocated sabotage and groups that have not, movements that have been militant and movements that have been markedly pacifist. The government’s security machinery serves political and economic objectives, and there are over 250 political prisoners in Canada and the US that can testify to this from firsthand experience. By adopting a security culture, we can defeat various counterintelligence operations that would otherwise disrupt both mainstream organizing and underground resistance.

It is important that as a movement in we need to learn to practice security at all points in the movement’s development. Remember that the State is interested in knowing about activists’ beliefs, not just in “hard evidence”. Learn and practice security to protect ourselves and our peoples. Don’t be afraid. Remember – If an agent comes knockin’, do no talkin’.”

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~ by rechelon on April 24, 2010.

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