Don’t Owe Nothin’

“Don’t Owe Nothin’: A Practical Guide To How You Can Stop Paying For War by Living Simply and Eliminating Your Tax Liability”

by David Gross

“Some people don’t object to being taxed by the government, they just object to how the government spends some of that money. Some war tax resisters, for instance, aren’t opposed to taxes on principle, but do object to the gigantic military budget. Some of these people protest by trying not to pay only that percentage of their taxes that goes to military spending. Others avoid paying taxes altogether, but then voluntarily pay a portion of what they would have paid in taxes for things of community benefit that they feel the government underfunds.  The DON Method is more appropriate to people who want to stop paying any federal income tax at all.  The DON Method is only designed to eliminate your federal income tax burden, though. You’ll still be paying other taxes — for instance the payroll (FICA) tax. If you want to avoid these taxes also, you’ll have to choose another method or supplement this method.”

[Download PDF]


~ by rechelon on April 24, 2010.

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