Anarchism Without Hyphens

Ufrntit234led “Anarchism Without Hyphens” & “The Left Right Spectrum”

by Karl Hess

“Liberty, finally, is not a box into which people are to be forced. Liberty is a space in which people may live. It does not tell you how they will live. It says, eternally, only that we can.”

“The attitude on that farthest left toward law and order was summed up by an early French anarchist, Proudhon, who said that ‘order is the daughter of and not the mother of liberty.’ Let people be absolutely free, says this farthest of the far, far left (the left that Communism regularly denounces as too left; Lenin called it ‘infantile left’). If they are free they will be decent, but they never can be decent until they are free”

[download PDF]


~ by rechelon on September 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Anarchism Without Hyphens”

  1. Without Hyphens is one of my favorites, I’m interested to check out the other essay.

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