Laws Of The Jungle

“Laws of the Jungle”

by Allen Thornton

Anarchy will, of course, come, if not today, then tomorrow; if not tomorrow, then ten thousand years from now. The history of the world is the steady increase of wealth. The land and resources ultimately wind up in the hands of those who can produce the most wealth from them. It follows, logically, that the wealth destroying state will eventually fade into history. But for now, the government is a new toy that the people cannot stop playing with. It seems to them so simple, so easy, so logical to solve their problems with extorted money and threats of violence concealed behind the holiness of the state. But even now, in the last two hundred years, we see the beginnings of the attack on government itself. One day, the very idea of government will seem like an insane artifact of the past: witch burning, crusading, black slavery, prohibition. Then the people will look back and wonder at the nature of man. Like Macbeth they will say, “Can such things be, and overcome us like a summer’s cloud, without our special wonder?”

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~ by rechelon on July 7, 2008.

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