Against Separatism

“Against Separatism: Anarchism & Identity Politics”

by BAD Press

Articles by Joe Peacott, Iris Mills, Peter Cariani, Ruth Hubbard

“Although many who identify as feminists or gay/lesbian liberationists claim to be interested in bettering conditions for all people, not just themselves and other women or homosexual people, they often organize themselves in exclusive groups. Within broader groups, such as the North American continental anarchist gatherings, there are often workshops, subgroups, or ‘spaces’ that exclude people on the basis of sex, color, or sexual tastes. And these discriminatory practices are often supported by the some of the people who are being excluded. … While we defend the freedom of people to associate with or avoid whoever they wish, as long as no coercion is involved, this exclusivist behavior should be seen for what it is; sexism, recism and homosexism. … As anarchists and individualists who see anarchy as entailing the liberation of all people as individuals, not as members of narrowly defined groups, we oppose this trend toward separatism and exclusion.”

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~ by rechelon on June 19, 2008.

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