The New Libertarian Manifesto

“The New Libertarian Manifesto”

by Sam Konkin

“With a State tainting every act and befouling our minds with unearned guilt, ait becomes extremely important to understand the social consequences of our acts. For example, if we fail to pay at tax and get away with it, who is hurt: us? The State? Innocents? Libertarian analysis shows us that the State is responsible for any damage to innocents it alleges the “selfish tax-evader” has incurred; and the “services” the State “provides” us are illusory. But even so, there must be more than lonely resistance cleverly concealed or “dropping out?” If a political party or revolutionary army is inappropriate and self-defeating for libertarian goals, what collective action works? The answer is agorism.”

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~ by rechelon on June 5, 2008.

3 Responses to “The New Libertarian Manifesto”

  1. Will “New Libertarianism” retain the adjective “New” once it has ceased to be new?

    Maybe you should consider dumping the adjective.

  2. @Paul,

    There’s already an older book out there called “The Libertarian Manifesto” it’s by Murray Rothbard. Konkin wrote his “New” Libertarian Manifesto partly as a reply to this.

    • @No One Special,

      Thanks for the tip about Rothbard’s book. Also, concerning the [ahem] “selfish tax-evader”, see

      “As long as there has been a Tax Division, there have been tax defiers willing to subvert our nation’s tax system for their greedy self-interest,” sneered “Nathan J. Hochman, [the] Tax Division’s Assistant Attorney General” on “TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 2008” in press release concerning “the Creation of the National Tax Defier Initiative”.

      When, oh when, will the taxgatherer learn to refrain from caricaturing itself?

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