The Ethics of Labor Struggle

“The Ethics of Labor Struggle: A Free Market Perspective”

by Kevin Carson

“We’ll gladly forego legal protections against punitive firing of union organizers, and federal certification of unions, if you’ll forego the court injunctions and cooling-off periods and arbitration. We’ll leave you free to fire organizers at will, to bring back the yellow dog contract, if you leave us free to engage in sympathy and boycott strikes all the way up and down the production chain, boycott retailers, and strike against the hauling of scab cargo, etc., effectively turning every strike into a general strike. We give up Wagner (such as it is), and you give up Taft-Hartley and the Railway Labor Relations Act. And then we’ll mop the floor with your ass.”

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~ by rechelon on June 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “The Ethics of Labor Struggle”

  1. Thanks. The art of the possible is down, so I was afraid this one was lost.

  2. […] The Ethics of Labor Struggle by Kevin Carson […]

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