A Critique of Anarchist Communism

“A Critique of Anarchist Communism”

By Ken Knudson

“The trouble is that what you call ‘anarchism’ is at best merely a hodge-podge, halfway position precariously suspended between socialism and anarchism. You yearn for the ego-sovereignty, the liberating individualism, that is the essence of anarchism, but remain captives of the democratic-proletarian-collectivist myths of socialism. Until you can cut the umbilical cord that still connects you to the socialist womb you will never be able to come to your full power as self-owning individuals. You will still be lured along the path to the lemonade springs and cigarette trees of the Big Rock Candy Mountains.”

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~ by rechelon on June 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Critique of Anarchist Communism”

  1. I’ve read this elsewhere, but I’m not sure exactly where. It’s unfortunate that this PDF has unconventional pagination, but it’s a good reference nonetheless.

  2. The pagination is deliberately imposed for printing as a pamphlet.

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